Volunteer Organiser Residential Training now open

Get involved with Green New Deal UK - Residential Training for Organisers now open! 


I hope you’re well. 

Organising Plans are ramping up here at Green New Deal UK, and we’ve just opened recruitment for a network of Volunteer Organisers - could this be you? 

We know achieving a Green New Deal  will require sustained pressure on local and national government, from a broad-based, powerful, UK wide movement that wins hearts and minds. 

A key part of our strategy is setting up and/or supporting Local Organising Hubs across the UK to that build this mass public support for, participation in and power behind Green New Deal. 

As a Volunteer Organiser, you will be working to support the development and flourishing of a Local Green New Deal Campaign Hub in your region.

We’re looking for 3-5 people from towns and regions across the UK, who’ll attend a residential training weekend 27-29th of March. Travel, food and accomodation expenses will be covered.

We need people from diverse organising backgrounds who are committed to the principles of the Green New Deal and the fight for climate justice, and are able to support others in developing and building campaigns locally.

The application form can be found here. Deadline for applications 9am, Monday 9th of March. 

Equally, if you know others who might be interested, please do share this with your networks (there’s a tweet, facebook and instagram post too). 

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me on darran@greennewdealuk.org 

Darran McLaughlin, 

Regional Training Organiser, GND UK