Tell your Green Jobs story on the 23rd of March!

The most effective way to persuade someone of something is to tell them a personal story. You can take action for green jobs by telling your own story or finding someone in your community to tell theirs.

Do you know someone who wants a Green Job? Who has an interesting reason for wanting investment in green jobs? Ask them to film a selfie video and post it as part of our Digital Day of Action on the 23rd of March.

Videos on social media are one of the most powerful ways of getting your message across to your community and your local MP. The aim of this action is to reach as many people in your community as possible and ask them to share the videos - the more people share, the more likely it is that local MPs who are tagged will take notice. 

Here's how to do it:

1. Find your spokespeople

Look for good storytellers in your community who might have a unique perspective on the idea of Green Jobs. You could reach out to:

  • School/university leavers or other young people looking for work
  • People who have lost their jobs due to the pandemic
  • People in carbon-intensive industries who want to retrain to work in a lower emissions sector
  • People who work in low-carbon and socially useful jobs like care or education
  • People in organisations who might be allies in your community - check the list on page 2 of this resource for ideas

 2) Ask them to film a short (40 seconds) video of themselves on their phone

Ask your storyteller to follow this script and fill in the details:

"My name is [name], I’m an [occupation] and I want the government to invest to create millions of good green jobs because…

[[ Talk about why investment in green jobs would help you personally, or your friends and family. Mention your local area if it’s relevant - is unemployment high where you are? Are the hospitals or schools under strain? Or do you have a vision for your community you’d like to see delivered? What are the strengths of your community that could be built on? ]]

Proper investment now can help us tackle climate change and unemployment at the same time, and give everyone a chance to contribute to a green and fair recovery from the pandemic.

Please share this video to show [your MP’s name] MP that the people of [your town/city] want investment in green jobs. "

Here's our volunteer Joe with an example selfie video.

Tips for filming:

  • Hold your phone at arms length away, or ask someone who lives with you to film you
  • Stand somewhere bright, with the main light source in front of you
  • Keep it short - don’t worry about memorising lots of lines, just speak from the heart for about 30 seconds
  • Speak clearly and try to minimise background noise

3)  Post the videos and tag your local MP on the 23rd of March

Hold on to your videos until the day of action on the 23rd of March, and then post them separately throughout the day.

Think about how you will get your videos out to the widest audience. Are you connected to a local Facebook or Twitter page with an audience?

It’s a good idea to digitally map out your local community in advance, to identify which pages and organisations you could ask to share your video. Use the context mapping list to help you.

Checklist for posting

  • Include the hashtag #GreenJobsForAll in all of your posts 
  • Keep the share text short, sweet and to the point
  • Tag your MP to get their attention

Example tweet:

[Name] is an [occupation]. She wants the government to invest in Green Jobs. Share this to show [@MP’s name] that we want #GreenJobsForAll.

Make sure to include the hashtag #GreenJobsForAll so we can see your video and share it!

Ready to tell your Green Jobs story?

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