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Everybody has the right to a good job, a fair wage and a secure home on a healthy planet.  But we are facing the biggest unemployment crisis in decades. 

And yet there is so much work to do!  Tackling the climate crisis and building a fair economy will require millions of jobs in every part of the country. 

We can tackle unemployment and the climate climate crisis at the same time by investing in jobs for the future - green jobs. 

Green jobs doesn’t just mean men in hard hats installing wind turbines. Alongside jobs in renewable energy or insulating homes, we need people planting trees or restoring habitats; and in caring sectors like health, childcare and education, as well as jobs in low carbon forms of farming.

Now we need the government to commit to investing 68 billion in creating 1.2m green jobs across the country.

We’ve planned two Days of Action - on the 23rd March and 24th of April- to get the attention of MPs and build public support for Green Jobs.

In March we’ll take action online - telling the stories of the people most affected by unemployment, and who have the most to gain through investment in Green Jobs. 

And in April we’ll take action on the streets, outside MP’s offices and job centres, forming COVID-safe ‘queues’ to demonstrate the need for green jobs. 

For more information on both action days, and tips on how to run a creative and impactful action under COVID restrictions, read our campaign guide!

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