Paint the Town Green (Jobs)!

We know that investing in good, green jobs is a win-win. Now is the time to rebuild our economy with more nurses, more builders, more care workers and more engineers. 

Our movement has already got good, green jobs well and truly on the agenda, despite being confined to our houses for the last year and a half. 

We’ve made it into the headlines, we’ve taken creative action in the streets, we’ve reached over 3 million people online, and we’ve sent almost 2500 emails pressuring party leaders to support green jobs for all. 

But in order to win this fight, we need to grow our movement even bigger and even stronger. And now that Covid restrictions are lifting, we can actually get together (in person!) to grow the strength and power of our movement. 

We need to get out there in our communities and spread the powerful message of green jobs for all even further by painting our towns green (jobs). 

Artist's impression of your town on the 19th of June!

On 19th June, we will all take to our town centres and bring the message of green jobs to the public. The aim is to plaster every wall, lamp post, bench, pavement, road and window with our message and build up public support for investment in good, green jobs. 

We have 2,000 A3 posters, 10,000 stickers and 10,000 leaflets which have been cooped up in our office for the last year but now it’s time for the world to see them! 

Order as many as you think you can distribute and let’s make up for lost time by painting the town green (jobs)! 

Have a look at the actions already planned - get in touch with people near you!

Other useful links:

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