Take action for green jobs in your community!

We’ve got data on how many green jobs the government could create in different regions of the UK - and we want to use that data to show everyone that investing in green jobs is a no brainer.

We need you to take action locally to: 

  • Put pressure on MPs to provide Green Jobs for people in their constituencies
  • Show your community the potential for green jobs locally and build the strength of voices demanding them 
  • Help people understand what a Green New Deal is by providing a tangible example of what it means for people’s lives

So sign up to one of our calls today to find out how you can push the government to take unemployment and the climate crisis seriously - and start organising in your community.

Register Now:

In the spring, the government is likely to announce a recovery budget - that’s our chance to get the serious investment we need in green jobs. So we're jumping into action with an online Day of Action on the 23rd of March, and (safety permitting) an in person Day of Action on the 24th of April.

Here's the plan for April:

Get people of all ages to form a socially distanced queue outside your MP’s office with CV’s in hand, asking for green jobs. Bring along placards or banners to show that you are demanding Green Jobs for All. If your friends can come in their distinctive work clothing, that’s a bonus.

We'll help you catch your MP's eye, and get in your local paper to make sure that your action gets the attention it deserves.

Find out more in our campaign guide here, and don't forget to sign up to one of our organising calls to get support from us, including being linked up with others in your area!