Take action for green jobs in your community!

We’ve got data on how many green jobs the government could create in different regions of the UK - and we want to use that data to show everyone that investing in green jobs is a no brainer.

We need you to take action locally to: 

  • Put pressure on MPs to provide Green Jobs for people in their constituencies
  • Show your community the potential for green jobs locally and build the strength of voices demanding them 
  • Help people understand what a Green New Deal is by providing a tangible example of what it means for people’s lives

So sign up to one of our calls today to find out how you can push the government to take unemployment and the climate crisis seriously - and start organising in your community.

PLUS: Join us for one of our special in-depth data pitching briefing calls if you want to delve deeper into the green jobs data and how to pitch it to local press. Our policy team will be there to answer questions about the data and out press team will be there to give some top tips in pitching the data to press!'

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In the spring, the government is likely to announce a recovery budget - that’s our chance to get the serious investment we need in green jobs. So we're jumping into action.

We’ve planned two Days of Action - on the 23rd March and 24th of April- to get the attention of MPs.

In March we’ll take action online - telling the stories of the people most affected by unemployment, and who have the most to gain through investment in Green Jobs.

And in April (if it’s safe to do so) we’ll take action on the streets, outside MP’s offices and job centres, forming a socially distanced queue for jobs, with CVs in hand.

Find out more by joining a briefing call above.

Want more info before the call? Everything you need is in our campaign guide:

When you're ready to start organising your action, register through this form so we can keep in touch with you and invite others from your area to join, and put your action on our action map!