Green New Deal Now – Day of Action!

Saturday 7th December, locations nationwide. 

Climate change is finally hitting the headlines and thanks to the Youth Strikers, XR and more, the public is waking up to the harsh realities of inaction.

From free public transport, affordable energy, better housing, reigning in the banks and giving people ownership of services that affect them, there’s huge public support for visionary plans that fight inequality and carbon emissions together.  

And while more of the public than ever (85%) are worried about climate change, they’re also worried that steps to tackle it will mean making life even harder for those already struggling after years of austerity. 

We have 11 years to stave off the climate crisis and we’re about to install a government for 5 of those. We need climate change, and transformative solutions, to be at the forefront of the minds of voters.

The Green New Deal is one of those solutions; an ambitious national action plan to tackle the climate crisis at the scale required, by shifting the economy to fight inequality and improve people’s lives. 

Days ahead of a critical election, we’re calling a national day of action ‘Green New Deal Now’ to build public awareness of the visionary solutions to tackle climate breakdown and inequality together, and encourage people to vote on climate action. 

For massive banner drops to ‘visual takeovers’, local flyering or creative action highlighting solutions - anyone anywhere is encouraged to take part! Resources and support available! 

Plan your action to get ‘Green New Deal’ out there:

  1. Any non-violent actions that promote elements of a GND is welcome 
  2. Budget is available for banner resources and materials (contact
  3. Bus stop advert designs and materials are available if you are interested in taking part in the visual takeover… (contact for materials and briefings, and read this excellent guide from Brandalism for everything you need to know
  4. Do let us know if you have any plans (, and make sure to take pictures of anything you do! Send them to or @greennewdealuk
  5. Saturday 7th December is the proposed date, but please don’t feel you need to stick to that, if there are more impactful dates relevant to where you are - all action is good action!
  6. The Green New Deal is a visionary solution many communities looking for a better future can rally behind - do use this action as an opportunity to reach out to others in your area working on related issues and start building connections.

More about the Green New Deal:

The Green New Deal is a holistic policy platform that will transform the economy to be fairer and more democratic. It’s about recognising that the current system of prioritising corporate profit and infinite growth over the wellbeing of people and the environment is causing both climate breakdown, and spiralling inequality and injustice. These issues need to be tackled together. 

The Green New Deal is a rallying cry for communities to unite behind - for better jobs, for cleaner air, for a financial system that works in the interest of society, for the prioritisation of care and wellbeing over profit, and greater control and access to the important services that affect our lives. 

For workers, for carers, for young people, for those fighting fuel poverty - for everyone - use this Day of Action to work with others in your community to demand something better of politicians. 

This action is on the final weekend of election campaigning, and the week after the Youth Climate Strike on Friday 29th Nov, which we also encourage EVERYONE to attend and support.