Green Jobs EDM – Tell your MP!

This week we released our analysis of the potential for green jobs in every constituency in the UK.

Our data got in the papers in a big way - in the Guardian, the Mirror, and countless local papers, and our Co-Director’s Hannah and Fatima were all over the airwaves, giving interviews on the BBC, Sky, Channel 4 and LBC! 

Take Action:

Hundreds of us have shared our local jobs numbers with MPs over social media this week.

Use this tool to generate your own graphic showing the number of jobs available in your constituency - and then share it with your MP and your community on social media!

Today (Thursday 22nd April), a group of cross party MPs led by Caroline Lucas and Clive Lewis have tabled an Early Day Motion for green jobs (EDM 1766) in Parliament.

An Early Day Motion is a great way to see which MPs are on our side in Parliament, and can lead to debates or further action if enough MPs sign them.

With the end of the current Parliamentary session drawing near, we’ve only got a few weeks to get as many MPs to sign the EDM as possible. 

We’re working on a template email that you can use to contact your MP - but in the meantime, will you share with them a custom graphic showing the number of jobs that could be created in your constituency?

If you’ve already shared your graphic - great! We’ve changed the default text to make sure that MPs get the message about the new Early Day Motion, so please do take the action again!

If you don’t think your MP will sign the EDM, don’t worry - share the graphic with them anyway to show them the demand for good green jobs among voters. Every little helps to create a buzz around this EDM and draw attention to the campaign.

Want to do more? We still need volunteers to send press releases out to local papers this weekend to cover the jobs data and local actions. Sign up to one of these action briefing calls for further instructions!