Get in line for Green Jobs!

Last week we took to social media to tell MPs why we want investment in millions of good, green jobs. Now it’s time to take our message directly to MPs.

At the end of April, data showing the huge potential for green jobs in every constituency in the UK will be released. We need you to get that data to your MPs and local papers on Saturday the 24th April as part of our Day of Action for green jobs!

COVID restrictions permitting, people up and down the country will show the strength of support for #GreenJobsForAll by ‘queueing’ for green jobs, CV’s in hand, outside the offices of their MPs - and we need you to join us!

We're going to show our MPs that we demand green jobs for all - so we can tackle unemployment and the climate crisis at the same time

Covid plans as they stand will only allow up to six people to gather outside on this date, which means we need to get creative! Are you up for the challenge?

Here’s how to organise your action:

Create a ‘queue’ without actual people! You could: 

  • Make a queue of lego people or peg dolls 
  • Draw a queue of people on a wall or building with chalk 
  • Ask everyone who wants to come to drop off a painted cardboard cut-out or a photograph of themselves 
  • Ask people to draw a picture of the green job they want and hang them along a washing line
  • Come up with your own idea! 

As well as creating your ‘queue’, create a buzz! You could: 

  • Write on the pavements! Use chalk to write your demand on the ground e.g. ‘[DATA NUMBER] green jobs for [PLACE] now!]’ - you could even ask a local artist to do some art alongside it 
  • Bring placards or banners demanding green jobs 
  • Play some music 
  • Collect signatures on a petition at a stall 
  • Distribute leaflets (with a mask and gloves) - order leaflets here

Ultimately, get creative in making sure your action is fun, impactful and photogenic! Get in touch with if you need any support. 

Important: this action can only go ahead if Covid restrictions at the time allow.

Here are the events that are happening so far:

Get your action on the map by filling out this form:

As part of this, you’ll need to set up an event (on Action Network or Facebook or Eventbrite). Don’t worry if you don’t have all the details set in stone, it’s good to get something up so people know it’s happening. 

Check out our campaign guide for some wording you can use in the event description if you’re stuck.

Make sure you also let us know that you’re taking part in this campaign by filling out this form. This is so we can make sure we can link you up with others in your area and provide you with support.  We’ll be in touch to check on your progress and with useful resources like a template press release! 

Get your action - and green jobs - in the paper!

We’ve got data to show the number of jobs that could be created in every constituency in the country with the right level of investment in both infrastructure and social care. 

Along with your queue action and the unemployment statistics, released on the 20th of April by the ONS, this data will tell a powerful story to your local paper/radio/tv news station.

We need you to help us get the data in the papers! 

Come to a briefing call to receive the data for your area, and learn how to pitch it to the press, along with photos from your action and a juicy quote from a local spokesperson.

More tips and instructions on how to pitch to your local paper here.

Any questions? Get in touch with at any time, and we’ll try and answer as quickly as possible.