Get green jobs in the paper!

We know that good, green jobs just make sense. But we need to get the message out to everyone else in our communities, as well as our MPs. 

We’ve got data to show the number of jobs that could be created in every constituency in the country with the right level of investment in both infrastructure and social care. 

Along with the unemployment statistics, released on the 20th of April by the ONS, this data will tell a powerful story to your local paper/radio/tv news station.

We need you to help us get the data in the papers! 

People up and down the country will be taking action on our day of action for Green Jobs for All on 24th April. Even if you are not able to take action offline, there’s still an important role for you to play by getting your local green jobs data covered in the local papers. 

Traditional forms of media like local newspapers still have a huge impact on public opinion. What's more, politicians read local papers religiously. So you could make a big impact by getting the green jobs data for your area covered by the local paper, radio or TV.

All you need to do is send off a press release - and to make it even easier, we’ve made a template! 

We have put together a guidance document to help you to take action by press releasing the data, so it’s super simple!

If you’ve heard all you need and you’re ready to take action, sign up here! Make sure we know you're planning to take action so we can send you everything you need.

If you're ready to get started, follow the link below for more guidance on press pitching, and email to get the data for your area. 

If you’d like to find out a bit more about the campaign, understand the data and exactly what you need to do, then come along to a briefing call: 

Let’s get the word out far and wide that we want to see green jobs for all! 

Want to find out more about the Green Jobs for all campaign? Take a look at the campaign action guide 

Any questions? Get in touch with at any time, and we’ll try and answer as quickly as possible.