Responding to youth strikers demands

Caroline Lucas at Global Climate Strikes

The Climate Strikers have called for a Green New Deal, and our Bill shows how it can be done – but it will need all of us to make it happen.

The Green New Deal Bill we launched on the day of the Global Climate Strike is a response and a tribute to the students and young people in the UK who have played such a critical role in bringing the climate emergency to the attention of policy makers and the public, and who have taken to the streets to call for a Green New Deal.


Green New Deal Politics: From Grassroots to Mainstream

In this report, Fatima Ibrahim and Hannah Martin ask how a Green New Deal can emerge from the social movements that are propelling climate justice, and open up onto a sustainable, hegemonic political force. Through a compelling methodological approach that draws from union organising, the anti-road movement, and Sisters Uncut, this paper investigates what an intersectional Green New Deal would look like on the ground.


We need a Green New Deal

students protesting

Even our Parliament agrees – we are facing a Climate Emergency.

This has been long understood by the communities on the frontlines of climate impacts around the world. But while our national politicians say they are waking up to the urgency of the situation, we still aren’t seeing the political action needed to actually match the scale of the crisis.