Resources One-Stop Shop

This resources one-stop shop contains everything you could possibly need as a Green New Deal organiser, and some email addresses to contact if we've missed anything!


Green New Deal Campaign Guide: The indispensable guide to how we’ll win.

A step-by-step guide to plan your local campaign strategy 

Our complete library of resources, from guides to templates to graphics


Hopefully you’ll have already been to one! Everyone who gets involved in our movement should come to one of these. 

These are for everyone who wants to be involved in organising for a Green New Deal in their local community to give you the skills, confidence and connections to get going. 


Sign up to the local hub organisers mailing list for fortnightly emails from our national organising team and to hear about our Hub Huddles (quarterly all hub meetings).

Join the GND UK Organiser Slack by emailing if you haven't already been invited. This guide explains how Slack works and how we use it.


There is some funding available for hubs - find out how to access it here.


Find out what we're up to at the moment

We use Action Network to host petitions and other campaign actions. Your hub has its own Action Network account - find out how to use it here, and fill out the form to get access to yours as an administrator.


Make sure your local work is recognisable as part of the Green New Deal movement! Here's a folder of all our graphics and branded resources, as well as logos and design assets to make your own.

We've got T-shirts, posters, leaflets and more - order yours for free here!


We’d love feedback on our resources—if there’s anything you think could be better, or other docs/guides you’d like,

Got more questions? Try our FAQ, or email and we'll do our best to help.