Our demands

We can be whatever we have the courage to see

It might sound hard to believe but we could genuinely live in a world free from poverty, insecurity, and climate breakdown, where everyone lives fulfilled, healthy lives.

Our vision for a Green New Deal in the UK is one where our economy and society are completely transformed – in which the limits of our imaginations are the only things holding us back.

Over ten years we will see policies introduced which decarbonise our economy, tackling climate change and improving the lives of people and families in every town, city and village, while putting power back in their hands. Our government will be investing in good jobs, particularly across communities which have been neglected: insulating our homes, producing the renewable power we need, and restoring our green spaces. We will have quality homes, clean air, and affordable energy and public transport for all.

Our economy will value meaningful work which improves society and doesn’t damage the environment. Teachers, carers, emergency and health workers will be paid fairly and recognised as a vital part of our low carbon economy.

The wealth and jobs generated in our communities will benefit the people that live and work there – rather than lining the pockets of executives. People will have a stake in the places they work, with proper Trade Union rights and worker ownership.

We will all be able to get involved in making decisions which affect us, with more cooperatively owned organisations. Big local institutions like hospitals and schools will buy local to boost the economy in the area and create more jobs.

We know from our history that as a society we can work together against the odds and win. The decade of the Green New Deal is our moment to create the world we want to see.