How We Organise

These are the principles that guide the work of our movement, and which we all commit to uphold.

We are fighting for a Green New Deal in the UK: because we understand that the crises of climate and inequality are inextricably linked, and only an ambitious plan to totally transform our economy can deliver a safe climate and fairer society. We aim to bring the principles behind the Green New Deal and climate justice movement into our work every day.

We believe in people power: the success or failure of a Green New Deal rests on the size and diversity of the movement we build together. We work to build a broad and inclusive movement by constantly bringing people in, growing in strength, diversity and power.

Our success relies on working together. We are all stronger when we support each other and recognise where our struggles are connected. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our friends and allies across movements for climate, social, racial and economic justice and will collaborate to grow our power.

We build relationships based on justice and respect. There is no place in our movement for discrimination or unjust power relationships on the basis of race or ethnicity, class background, gender, immigration status or nationality, ability, sexuality, language, financial means, or anything else. We build ‘braver spaces’ where issues are dealt with openly, honestly and with compassion.

We work to give a voice to those who have been denied it. We will platform  and take leadership from those  who  bear the brunt of the climate and inequality crises.

Our strength and work is rooted in our local communities, and we exist to build their power. We know that the needs and strengths of different communities vary and we take this into account in our organising.

We are ambitious and take action. Our goals are big, so our strategy is as well: we use bold tactics, campaign proactively and stay visible and vocal  to make sure we’re heard.

We practice strategic non-violence in our work to enable us to build public support and allow as many people as possible to participate.

We embrace creativity, fun and experimentation in our work, and seek to bring joy to what we do. The work of building a winning movement can be hard and tiring – so we celebrate our successes and bring light and life to everything we can.

We welcome everyone to join the campaign for a Green New Deal in the UK and know that everyone has a role to play regardless of expertise or experience. Our movement is open to anyone who agrees with our Principles and Braver Spaces policy and we are all responsible for upholding them.