Get Involved

Building a bold and transformative Green New Deal is within our grasp, but we need to pull together to make it happen. 

Watch the welcome webinar

Want to get involved in the campaign for a Green New Deal? The first thing to do is watch our welcome webinar.

This is a 15 minute webinar with Green New Deal organisers where you’ll find out more about the campaign, our plans, and how you can get involved. We strongly recommend everyone wanting to get involved in organising joins one of these calls so you can get up to speed quickly

Join or start a local Hub

A Green New Deal organising hub is a group of people and/or organisations campaigning for a Green New Deal in their local community. Hubs are the driving force of the campaign – building the critical mass of public pressure for action at local and national level, and making local people, communities and institutions active participants in that transition. 

Join a national organising team

As well as people to organise locally, we are always recruiting for people who can volunteer to help co-ordinate our local organising. If you are interested in getting involved with this, get in touch with