Frequently asked questions

Isn’t the UK already doing enough to tackle climate breakdown?
There may be some good initiatives, but no government has done enough. Experts say we need to act now as global heating is quickly escalating out of control. The Green New Deal matches the scale of the climate challenge while improving everyday life.

What can I do? I’m only one person…
You can back the Green New Deal in a number of ways. Get involved as a volunteer in the Green New Deal movement, or email your MP and ask them to back the Green New Deal.

How much will the Green New Deal cost?
The Green New Deal involves significant investment to match the scale of the climate challenge. This will protect us from the worst impacts of climate change and improve everyday life. Research has shown that investing in climate progress will ultimately save us money – and more importantly limit the real dangers we are already facing.

Who will pay for the Green New Deal?
Funding the Green New Deal will ultimately depend on the government delivering it. A range of detailed models currently exist, all of which are designed to be fair, with peoples’ ability to pay in mind. New Green New Deal policies and regulation will also ensure that banks and the finance sector are tasked with funding climate solutions and progress, serving the public good – not just increasing capital for those with extreme wealth. To achieve real climate progress we must all work together.

What about other countries? If others don’t act we’ll be at a disadvantage, won’t we?
Change begins at home. With a Green New Deal, the UK can play a key role in climate change innovation.

This represents a real opportunity to boost our economy and take the UK into the future. We can drive real progress to raise the bar for others, and push for international cooperation to solve the definitive issue of our time.

Is this a socialist plan?
The Green New Deal is a mainstream plan for the whole country. We need to think beyond political tribalism – this is about real solutions that work for everyone. With a Green New Deal, everyone will have a role and a voice and every contribution will be fairly rewarded.

Will my job be affected?
For many people, the Green New Deal won’t directly affect what you do, but it may start to change how you do it – for the better. For example, the way in which we travel, and how often, may change, along with the technology we use, powered by clean energy.

Nobody will be left behind – the Green New Deal will ensure a fair transition for those currently working hard in high emissions sectors, such as oil and gas.

Will there be enough work?
There will be no shortage of work to tackle the problems we face. The GND will create whole new industries and well-paid jobs.

Isn’t the market better at solving climate change than the government?
To achieve the large-scale progress we need, we must rethink our economy and financial systems so that they support our ambitious climate goals. Currently, the market focuses on wealth generation with little or no consideration for the ‘high-risk’ climate impacts this creates. Instead of mass manufacturing and consumption, we need to manage the resources available to us in a way that minimises climate impacts and promotes climate progress. While we need entrepreneurs to lead a wave of climate change innovation, the market alone will not produce the solutions we need without government intervention.

How can we trust a government to deliver a Green New Deal?
The Green New Deal will be people-driven through greater democratic participation, with accountable government in the driving seat. UK citizens will play a key role in decision-making, based on fair and democratic processes we can trust