We all know climate breakdown is happening right now – and cannot be fixed by an unequal society. We need bold solutions that actually work – before it is too late.

Climate change affects us all – but people from marginalised communities face the greatest immediate risk. As extreme weather increases and resources become more scarce, the poorest will be hit hardest and our society divided even further.

To achieve real climate progress we must all work together. We can only rise to the challenge of climate change by creating a fair and balanced society.

Climate change is moving fast. Experts say we need to cut carbon emissions now as global heating is quickly escalating out of control.

Heatwaves, floods, and wildfires are sweeping the globe – including the UK. We’re seeing more floods than ever devastating homes and communities; record-breaking heatwaves – including a winter heatwave last February; wildfires on our moors; and the last four years in a row have been the hottest ever recorded.

Crops are starting to fail across the world due to climate impacts. As a result, food and water shortages are due to affect the UK – this is a crisis waiting to happen.

We need a plan that matches the scale of the climate challenge while improving everyday life.

The Green New Deal will transition the UK so our country runs on clean energy and industry. Not only will this protect us from the deadly impacts of climate change, it will make everyday life better as a result.

The Green New Deal will massively improve energy, housing, and transport – it will give people well-paid jobs, lower energy bills, and more control over their lives.

Everyone will have a role and a voice in the GND. It will be people driven and delivered with government.

We will build and upgrade housing to be sustainable and energy-efficient, so homes are warmer and bills are lower. Electric vehicles and improved public transport will provide a safe, clean and easy way to get around.

We will protect and restore forests and other wild areas that naturally absorb harmful emissions. There will be clean water, air, green spaces and a healthy environment for all.

Millions of well-paid, secure and unionised jobs will be created across the country. Nobody will be left behind – the GND will ensure a fair transition for those currently working hard to provide our energy in fossil fuel industries, such as oil and gas.

The GND will restructure our economy so the finance sector serves the public good – not just those with extreme wealth – and funds climate solutions and progress, providing stability and security.

We have the skill, the imagination and the ambition. The solutions are ready to go but we need everyone to back a Green New Deal to succeed.