Our Principles

Organisations and individuals supporting the Green New Deal all agree to the below set of defining principles. They are designed for everyone in the movement to get behind, so we all share one vision and work together to make this a reality. Any true Green New Deal must follow these principles, which provide direction for policy-makers, without defining specific policies.

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The Green New Deal is an ambitious ten-year national action plan to tackle climate breakdown in a way that improves peoples’ lives and builds a fairer, more democratic society and economy. The Green New Deal must:

  1. Totally decarbonise the economy of the United Kingdom in a way that enhances the lives of ordinary people, workers and communities and works to eliminate social and economic inequality.
  2. Create millions of new well-paid, secure, unionised jobs across the country guaranteeing healthy and fulfilling livelihoods for all workers, and communities including those in today’s high emissions sectors.
  3. Transform our economy so the financial system serves the needs of people and planet, with an accountable and democratic government in the driving seat. Our economy must work in the interest of everyone – with greater democratic participation, accountability and common ownership – empowering those communities currently marginalised and respecting natural ecological limits.
  4. Protect and restore vital habitats and carbon sinks, including forests and wild areas, and ensure the provision of clean water, air, green spaces and a healthy environment for all.
  5. Promote global justice by supporting all peoples and countries to decarbonise quickly and fairly, in line with timeframes set out by science. The Green New Deal will ensure the UK does its fair share to tackle climate breakdown – and more – to account for historic emissions and the exploitation of resources and communities, particularly those in the Global South.