Green New Deal UK

Join the movement for a Green New Deal

We’re building a movement for the Green New Deal – an ambitious national plan to tackle climate breakdown while creating a fair society that works for everyone.

People all over the country agree we need urgent action. Now is the time to come together to achieve real climate progress.

The Green New Deal UK movement is made of ordinary people calling for real solutions that match the scale of the challenge. Get involved for a Green New Deal today.

What is the Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal is an ambitious plan to secure a safe climate and fairer society, by totally transforming our economy. 

This is not a single policy, but a bold and ambitious programme of policies, investment and regulation that recognises the causes of the climate and inequality crises are one and the same. 

The Green New Deal will change the rules of our economy by shifting the balance of power towards ordinary people.  Decisions will be made in the interests of people and the planet, rather than only profit and investment will be directed where it’s most needed.  

That way we can rapidly decarbonise our economy in a way that creates millions of well-paid, secure, unionised jobs because this transformation cannot come at the cost of workers. 

We can also put power in the hands of the people through greater democratic participation and common ownership of the things that matter.

The Green New Deal must be international – supporting all peoples and countries to rapidly decarbonise and tackle inequality, while ensuring the UK does its fair share to address climate breakdown. 

These changes can only happen when our national government steps up and takes the lead, working together with every sector of society: local councils, businesses, community organisations and workers.  

We’re calling for the kind of comprehensive government response only seen once in a generation.  We’re asking for nothing short of transformation – because we know that’s what is needed.

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