Green New Deal UK

Join the movement for a Green New Deal

We’re building a movement for the Green New Deal – an ambitious national plan to tackle climate breakdown while creating a fair society that works for everyone.

People all over the country agree we need urgent action. Now is the time to come together to achieve real climate progress.

The Green New Deal UK movement is made of ordinary people calling for real solutions that match the scale of the challenge. Get involved for a Green New Deal today.

What is the Green New Deal?

The Green New Deal is a ten-year national action plan that matches the scale of the climate challenge, while improving everyday life and building a fair and balanced society.

  • The Green New Deal will massively improve energy, housing, and transport for us all – and achieve ambitious climate goals in the process
  • Millions of well-paid, secure and unionised green jobs will be created across the country. Nobody will be left behind as we transition to clean energy and green industries. There will be no shortage of work to achieve the progress we need
  • We will achieve climate progress if we all work together. We will put people first, not profit. We will create a society that works for everyone

  • Our finance sector will serve the public good – not just those with extreme wealth – and fund climate solutions and progress, providing stability and security
  • Everyone will have a role and a voice. The Green New Deal will be people-driven and delivered with government

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